How do I plan a KIKI? 

KIKIKIT gives you everything you need to host the perfect event -- just follow our quick and easy guide in the “how to” section, add your personal touch and you’re all set to KIKI!

How many people does each KIKIKIT serve? 

Every KIKIKIT is designed with goodies for two to enjoy

When do you release new KIKIKITS? 

We at KIKIKIT are always coming up with new kit ideas...and, of course, welcome yours! Be sure to sign up for our announcements to and keep up with all the latest KIKI news.

When will I receive my KIKIKIT?

All orders received before 5pm EST are processed on the following business day and shipping times are determined by the options selected at checkout. KIKIKIT will do everything within our control to ensure your delivery arrives on time; our trusted carriers can provide further assistance once orders are in their hands 

How much does it cost to ship a KIKIKIT?

Shipping rates are quoted in real time and determined by carrier and speed selected at checkout. 

Does KIKIKIT guarantee shipping?

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, UPS, Fedex and the USPS are not guaranteeing deliveries. However per our experience, almost all shipments arrive without issue or delay. 

What happens if an item arrives broken?

Each KIKIKIT is carefully packed to prevent damage. If, however, your KIT sustains damage in the shipping process, email letskiki@thekikikit.com and we gladly help resolve.

How do I play music during my KIKI? 

We’ve made some great playlists for your event! Click on the link below for tips on how to enjoy the music without adversely affecting your party banter. http://support.bookwhen.com/en/articles/3942332-playing-music-on-a-zoom-live-stream-video-call

Can I substitute the items in my KIKI KIT?

We’ve hand selected the amazing contents of each KIT to maximize your KIKI experience. Available KITS ship as shown; for something specific to your event, send us a line at letskiki@thekikikit.com to discuss our custom program!

Is KIKIKIT packaging recyclable?

KIKIKIT is serious about sustainability. Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable contents; even our packing peanuts are biodegradable (just watch them dissolve in water!). We’ve specifically chosen boxes hearty and beautiful enough for you to keep and use for storage or display! Just peel off the KIKIKIT vinyl logo 

How do you source your KIKI products?

The KIKIKIT design team sources content from only the best vendors and artisans. We endeavour to work with new and emerging talent to ensure every KIT delivers an experience unlike any other.

Can I ship internationally? 

KIKIKIT currently offers shipping in the US and Canada. Send us an email if we can help you plan an overseas KIKI.

Can I customize a KIKIKIT?

We love the C word! Check out the details of our custom program and/or drop us a line -- we’d love to discuss!

Does KIKIKIT go corporate?

Of course! From Hollywood premieres to fashion shows to tech celebrations, we’ve curated KIKIKITS for all sorts of businesses. Simply email letskiki@thekikikit.com for all the B2B details. 

Does KIKIKIT offer event planning services?

Whether URL or IRL, KIKIKIT can help with all your event planning needs. Our online offering of both goods and services is growing every day and we’re available at any time to discuss live. Just drop us a line at letskiki@thekikikit.com and let the planning begin!

What is the best way to get in contact KIKIKIT?

We’re standing by and ready to receive your email at letskiki@thekikikit.com. Please allow 24 hrs for one of our experts to get back to you. 

Can you ship alcohol beverages? 

Unfortunately not yet!  As the shipping of alcohol is different in each state and country, we focus on including  non alcoholic libations in your kit.  However, our collection of beverages can be easily mixed with your favorite spirit for that extra punch!