The Mullet. The El Camino. Koko and her kitten. Sometimes the most unlikely combinations beget the most extraordinary results.


Robbie Zweig

The eternal pragmatist, Robbie Zweig looks at every inch of the world with a scrutinizing eye for detail and flawless execution.

Built on a childhood obsession for towering Lego creations, Robbie worked as an architect in New York after graduating from the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

Jared Reichert

Born to entertain, Jared Reichert reigned over the family dinner setup from age five creating whimsical and fantastic tablescapes when most kids his age were working to master the ABCs.

His sophistication and innate sartorial sensibility took him to Ryerson University where he graduated with a degree in Fashion Communications.


Quarantined together for weeks, the two designers found themselves hungry for connection with others.  The pair's creative juices soon flowed towards inventing ways to make zoom visits with friends feel more real, more intimate.

Virtual chats soon became cozy, joyous evenings with every detail from menu to decor to playlist being conceived to create togetherness during a moment where it seemed otherwise impossible. 

KIKIKIT was born.